To me, photography is a philosophy in practice rather than in words (and so I’ll keep this short).

Photography is a way of responding to the world as it is (not fabricating it), while at the same time engaging with the world (choosing what to see, what to show).
There is presence, acceptance and engagement; my camera is the tool that helps me be present, accept things as they are, and engage with them.

I’m working on letting myself be guided by intuition, an insatiable curiosity, a sense of astonishment and the occasional touch of gentle irony.

Escondida is the name of the island in Hugo Pratt‘s Ballad of the Salty Sea – a never-ending source of inspiration. This name evokes the notions of adventures and a quest for a treasure.

French-speaking Belgian, based in London.

Not that I am in any way impatient to make use of it,

but my epitaph is ready:


“he was funny…

sometimes even intentionally.”


Contact me at pf [[at]] escondida [[dot]] net


facebook: @pifranc

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