Pictures from a great trip organised by Polly Rusyn [].

Assuming we use a 5-star rating system, this was a 7-star weekend loaded with photographic challenges, intense shadows, intense colours, good food, laughters and generally tons of fun. Of course, Porto is a charming town, and the participants were quite a merry bunch. But it’s the perfect orchestration by maestra Polly – culminating in an exploration of the provocative perspectives of the Casa de la Musica – that made this trip so fantastic. The perfectly-paced itinerary provided diverse settings that all were a feast for the camera-eye and a stimulating environment for each project. I’ve filled my mind with colours (and my cards with pictures) and it feels spiritually nourishing 🙂 Thank you and congrats, Polly, for this splendid weekend, and thank you guys for all the fun.


October 2, 2017

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