Colours of Porto


Images from a weekend loaded with photographic challenges, intense shadows, intense colours, good food, laughters and generally tons of fun [ ].

Of course, Porto is a charming town, and the participants were quite a merry bunch. But it’s the perfect orchestration by maestra Polly – culminating in an exploration of the provocative perspectives of the Casa de la Musica – that made this trip so fantastic. The perfectly-paced itinerary provided diverse settings that all were a feast for the camera-eye and a stimulating environment for each project. I’ve filled my mind with colours (and my cards with pictures) and it feels spiritually nourishing 🙂

Thank you and congrats, Polly, for this splendid weekend, and thank you guys for all the fun.



London: zombies and the city

Happy to report that I have not been bitten and that I have kept all of my brain in the same state of deliquescence as the day before…




World Zombie Day: London raises money for the charity, St. Mungo’s Broadway.

To donate text BRNZ66 £3 to 70070 or got to the donation page:
All the money raised will help improve the lives of homeless people.

Congratulations to the organizers and all the fantastic zombies!

when the music’s over?

I guess sometimes people just need a place to watch the drama that unfolds on the stage within.



[[ Eastbourne, UK ]]

er… hello to you too, my good sir.

I  had enjoyed the crazy energy from the movie, and these two sort of had a little something of it.



[[ at Eastbourne Steampunk Festival ]]